About Us

Our ‘About Us’ page would love to thank you from the core of its heart for visiting.
It doesn‘t attract a lot of attention usually, as people are busy surfing other cooler pages. You voluntarily decided to visit here means a lot to us. Honestly.

We are passionate to make your online shopping experience Hassle free and easier. We are committed to getting to you the best deals available on the internet. We understand how difficult it is to earn money and hence try to give you the product at the lowest price we can without compromising with the quality of the product.

We are your friendly superhero store who aim to provide you with stunning superhero value for money merchandise. We would like to thank you a lot to visit our store. We would take this opportunity to provide you with the best superhero shopping experience that we can. 

This company is created by two nerds one of which is a Marvel fan and the other is a DC fan. The quarrels between them about who among Marvel and DC is better led to the formation of this website.

    This website is their attempt to find out who among DC and Marvel have more fans by looking at the sales of both the sides at the end of the day. The sales will depict which side has more fans and it is the fans of Marvel and DC who make them great. So let the battle between Marvel and DC begin and let’s find out who among them is better.